Alexandair is an innovative new Greek airline based in Greece founded in 2005, although a new arrival in the international aviation scene Alexandair brings a wealth of experience and know how to the leisure aviation industry. With an experienced management team operating MD82 and MD83 aircrafts Alexandair aims to set new standards of safety, comfort and professional care.

Alexandair operates one MD82 and one MD83, each with 161 seats. The airline serves a variety of European destinations including many small regional airports. The aircrafts chosen by Alexandair offer an outstanding quality of service and a reliable and comfortable carriage.

Crew: Alexandair aims to be at the forefront with standards of service and reliability as our pilots are very experienced with over than 10,000 Flight Hours on these types of aircrafts.

Line Maintenance: Alexandair is approved JAR-145 organization.

Heavy Maintenance: The Heavy Maintenance of Alexandair’s aircrafts is provided by Alitalia.

Experience the traditional hospitality of Greece from the moment you step aboard an Alexandair flight. Alexandair employs a carefully selected and expertly trained cabin crew dedicated to passenger comfort as paramount.

So step aboard an Alexandair flight and experience flying at its best.